New Seattle Safety Plan

With the recent shooting at Seattle Pacific University and other high provile homicides, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has developed a new public safety plan to help residents be safer in the city. In a meeting at City Hall this week, Murray vowed to invite the people of Seattle to join in helping keep the city safe.

Murray’s top priority was stopping gun violence. He said it will be a long process, but everyone must get involved to help stop. New Seattle Police Chief supported Murray’s plan and said it was important for city leaders to get out in the community and show their support.

Murray’s new public safety plan includes longer community center hours, more jobs for youth, safety plans for each neighborhood, and starting community safety walks. Certain areas will be targeted with special programs, like Southeast Seattle for more programming in public streets to get more “eyes on the street.” The Police Department will also hire a civilian liaison to the East African community to help them reconnect to the communities they serve. This fall, the city will work with King County Executive Dow Constantine to hold a Gun Violence Prevention Summit.

More strategies will be enacted, but leaders applaud the new plan. Getting officials and the communities involved is expected to help the city get safer.