TSA Raises Flight Fees

This week, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) made changes to its ticket fee for plan tickets. A new fee is now in place for $5.60 per flight, up from $2.50 for a non-stop flight and $5 for a connecting flight. The new changes also will count any connection longer than four hours as a separate flight.

Congress approved the fee increase to help reduce a budget deficit. The TSA is now collecting comments on the changes until August 19. They already received hundreds of comments last week. Most were criticizing the agency and the government in raising taxes. Some pointed out the wasted money from expensive equipment that was implemented, then discarded, such as the whole body scanners.

Other critics encouraged lawmakers to reduce security, saying that since 9/11, the real benefits have been from reinforced cockpit doors and the passengers themselves. They also called the current measures scary and humiliating for the public.

Congress approved the increase in December. The TSA believes it will generate over $16.9 billion more than what it used to charge. The revenue will be put into the general fund of the Treasury, but is earmarked for TSA costs after set amounts are applied towards the federal deficit.

Industry groups, including many airlines and the US Travel Association, have opposed the fee increase.