New Bike Share Program

Seattle traffic is known for being congested, but a new bike program is hoping to help take some cars off the road. Pronto will be launched in a few weeks, but potential users are trying out the system now. The bike sharing program will have bike docking stations and helmet vending machines for subscribers to use.

Memberships will be on sale at the end of this month for $85 for a year, allowing unlimited 30 minute trips between docking stations; 3 day passes for $16; or day passes for $8.

Stations are solar powered, wireless and will be located near transit stations, medical centers, schools, shopping districts, and other popular locations. Since bike helmets are required by law in Seattle, the vending machines will be available to provide helmets. Once they are returned, the helmets will be sterilized and reused.

The bike program is also stressing bike safety. The bike preview this week was proving that Seattle streets are ready for more bike traffic. The Pronto bikes will have seven gears instead of the usual three. The program will also offer safety classes to cover how to best ride beside traffic.

Pronto Cycle Share is owned by Puget Sound Bike Share, which has board members and representatives from the Seattle Department of Transportation, King County Metro, University of Washington, Sound Transit, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Microsoft, REI, Cascade Bicylce Club, Puget Sound Regional Council, City of Redmond, and City of Kirkland.

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