New Seattle Parking Rates

An annual Seattle Department of Transportation parking study has calculated the parking habits of Seattle neighborhoods. The Seattle DOT is now making changes to the rates and times for many of the neighborhoods.

Based on the report, some areas will see higher parking rates and others will see lower parking rates. Pioneer Square will even have different rates for the mornings and afternoons. The Ballard Locks will have seasonal changes for their rates, being higher in the summer.

The Ballard core, Fremont commercial area, Green Lake, 12th Avenue between East Madison/East Union and East Jefferson, and Cherry Hill by Swedish Medical Center will now extend paid parking to 8 pm. North Capitol Hill, Chinatown/International District core, Denny Triangle South, Pike-Pine neighborhood, South Lake Union, University District core, and Uptown Triangle will see 50 cent increases to its parking rates. Chinatown/International District periphery, Denny Triangle North, University District periphery, Ballard periphery, and Belltown North will all have 50 cent decreases to its parking rates. In Westlake, some time limits will change from seven hour to four hour parking.

Seattle has been testing out different rates and hours to try to encourage people to park for shorter time lengths and open up more spaces more frequently. In other areas, they are trying to get more people to park. More cities across the US are using these types of parking rate systems. The Seattle DOT says Seattle parking rates are about the same as San Francisco parking rates.

Some of the changes are already in place, while others won’t take effect until late summer.