Oregon Marijuana Ads

Oregon state is considering to legalize marijuana this November. Voters will see Measure 91 on the ballot, which would allow adults age 21 and over to use marijuana as a recreational drug and assign the Oregon Liquor Control Commission as regulators to distribute it.

Two years ago, Oregon voters rejected the measure. This time, proponents are ready to bombard voters with $2.3 million in television and online advertising. Last time, proponents were unable to make a basic campaign.

Using addiction experts in some videos, the Yes on 91 campaign will promote the idea that marijuana is not a hard drug compared to other drugs like alcohol and heroin. It will also point out that the criminal justice system is currently not doing well in controlling marijuana on the streets. Supporters of the measure will begin ads in late September starting in Portland and Eugene, then Medford, and Bend.

Some mental health experts and law enforcement members have spoken out against the legalization, but it will be difficult to counter the expensive campaign. Currently, Washington and Colorado are the only states that have legalized marijuana.