Seattle Funding Neighborhood Projects

The City of Seattle awarded $1.65 million to fund neighborhood-initiated projects this week. All across the city, 43 neighborhoods and community groups received the grants as part of the Neighborhood Matching Fund Program. The city’s Department of Neighborhoods identified projects to receive the money, such as an Afro-Latino arts education program to building welcome gateways to neighborhoods.

The Neighborhood Matching Fun Program finds projects that have brought neighbors together to create a common vision. It was started 26 years ago and helps promote a vibrant and connected community within Seattle. The projects are also funded by locally raised money, donated materials and expertise, and volunteer labor.

This year, the awards range from $3,523 to $100,000. The awards were given out by the Large Projects Fund (up to $100,000) and the Small and Simple Projects Fund (up to $25,000). The Large Projects Fund awards are given after the Citywide Review Team recommends projects to the Mayor and City Council. The team is comprised of volunteer representatives from each of the 13 neighborhood districts and 4 other community members. The Large Projects Fund accepts applications annually. The Small and Simple Project Fund is open to applications three times a year. The next deadline is October 6.

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