Dear All,

同鄉會將在11 中旬舉辦 台灣電影 KANO 的首播並與馬志翔導演會面,因為我們經費有限,需要做一些募款的活動。希望各位同鄉踴躍幫忙,訂購方式請參考郵件,謝謝.


Jerome Huang




我們波特蘭在11月將與有Kano 的首播並與馬志翔導演會面。(地點還在詢問中,確定後會跟大家聯絡)

因為這個project 來的很匆促,我們需要做一些募款。所以我們也想出了賣素肉圓 (奶蛋素)來幫忙募款。

我們的素肉圓  內料會有:香菇、紅蘿蔔、筍子、素肉、素火腿、麵輪

另外我們會有附帶醬料 (甜的跟鹹的)


6個 $15 (minimum order, and minimum package size)

10 個 $25

20 個 $50

30 個 $75

40 個 $100

如果可以Group order 的話,請用group order。




如有意訂購請email 到:menglchen@gmail.com 或者私密 Meng Chen 的Facebook. 請附上姓名、電話、及數量。如果是電話預購請打 503-853-0708.謝謝!! Note 1: 我們預計在十月初至十月中可以提貨。Note 2: 假如您很喜歡我們素肉圓,請在募款期間內預購,我們將無法在募款外再做其他的訂購。敬請見諒。Note 3: 預購期:9/18~10/10. 提貨時間:預計十月初或者十月中,我們會在做好時與您連絡。


Dear Friends:

Our Portland Kano committee is helping doing a fundraiser for 11/18 Portland Kano (Kano is a Taiwanese movie that was out in Taiwan during Feb 2014) premier. (YES!! We are hosting a Kano event in Portland after the Oct Corvallis one).

Since this is a short notice of event planning, we will need to get as much support as possible.

To do a quick fundraising my mom and a group of people agreed to do 素肉圓(vegetarian, not vegan) for sale (a type of Vegetarian chewy Taiwanese Snack food) (will come with sauce). See picture.  http://c.blog.xuite.net/c/c/e/e/23216014/blog_1866414/txt/29264006/1.jpg

Our filling contains: shitake mushroom, bamboo shoot, carrot, vegetarian meat, vegetarian ham, and a type of gluten product called mian lun.

Here is the price:

  6 for $15,

10 for $25,

20 for $50,

30 for $75,

40 for $100

We can only accept cash for order. Minimum order is 6 ($15). And due to fundraising event, we won’t be able to offer any group discount. Group order is strongly encouraged (order with your family, friends, church, company co-workers, neighbor…etc). Package will be 6 per box + sauce. Order shall be complete no later than mid October. Please private message me at Facebook or email me at menglchen@gmail.com Please include your name, phone number, and quantity you would like to order.  For phone order, please call 503-853-0708. Side note: We will not take any private order after this fundraising event. Our pre-order date is 9/18/2014~10/10/2014.

Side note 2: We will contact you for pick up time as batches are completed for you to have them fresh!