Seattle Homelessness Task Force

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has put together a task force to get recommendations on how to help the growing homeless population.  The group will be led by Deputy Mayor Hyeok Kim and will report back to Murray by December 15. 

The City of Seattle spends about $9 million every year to support 2,390 shelter beds, but the homeless population consistently outgrows the amount of beds available.  An estimate in January of this year showed about 2,300 people sleeping in cars or on the streets.  The unsheltered homeless population has increased by 30% since 2010. 

The mayor is pushing for collaboration between other nearby jurisdictions, non-profit organizations, and the communities to help serve the needs of families and individuals.  The task force will also review the current policy for the city on authorized homeless encampments.  By mid-December they hope to have a plan for helping those on the streets find shelter during the winter.