Popular Restaurant Closes

In Seattle, a popular sandwich shop has suddenly closed its doors.  Hundreds of people are shocked and sad to see Paseo close.  On its doors this week was a sign, saying it would be closed and thanking the community for the support over the years.

The restaurant, Paseo, has had nation-wide recognition for its Caribbean food, especially its pork shoulder sandwiches.  It has been featured on Food Network and is one of the top rated restaurants on Yelp.  When open, the small restaurants, with a location in Fremont and one in Ballard, drew lines of people around the block.  

In September, four former employees of Paseo filed a lawsuit against the owners.  The employees say they were not paid time and a half for their overtime hours and also did not get proper meal and rest breaks.  The Hispanic employees say they were treated differently than the other workers and were discouraged from reporting injuries on the job. 

Many people believe this lawsuit was the cause of the sudden closure.  Even current employees were surprised to learn that the restaurant was closed.