Seattle Council Proposes Internet for Homeless

The City of Seattle is considering improvements for homeless encampments.  Along with toilets, electricity, and improved cooking facilities, the city council is also including internet service.  Councilmember Kshama Sawant says internet is a humane service that is essential in today’s world.

The improvements would be $100,000 for the homeless transitional encampments across the city.  One local homeless advocacy group, SHARE/WHEEL says the budget is mainly focused on hygiene and basic plumbing.  The money is part of a larger budget to fund the encampments.  The city council will vote next week on whether internet is going to be included in the service improvements.

The plans are not yet set whether the internet will be Wi-Fi provided in the area, or computer-based services.  Some members of the encampment say they already have computers, but would appreciate the internet to help them search and apply for more jobs.  The internet availability would offer more opportunities for them and help them have more access to resources.