Tacoma Schools Try Video Monitoring

As the nation continues to see dangers on school campuses, Tacoma Public Schools are testing out a new video monitoring security system.  Four schools were chosen to test out the security, based on their layouts.

The computer system based in the main office locks all doors in the school.  A video monitor is placed at the front entrance and visitors must show an ID badge and explain why they are there before a office staff member can buzz them in.  The four schools were picked because the front entrances were not in line of sight of the main office.  The security allows staff to monitor who gets into the building and why. 

The district has received some complaints about the inconvenience of waiting for the doors to be opened for visitors, but overall, the staff and students say they feel safer knowing who is on campus.  Most parents also agree that the safety measures help protect the students.

The video security systems cost $10,000 each, and was paid for by a Capital Bond Levy approved by voters.  After testing, the district may decide to implement the system to all schools in the district.