Kalakala Scrapped

The iconic Seattle ferry, the Kalakala, is set to be turned into scrap metal in the coming weeks.  The owner, Karl Anderson, is planning to cut up the 2 ton metal vessel.

The Kalakala was the ferry for Puget Sound from 1935 to 1967.  After that, it was towed to Alaska as a fish processor, then fish cannery.  The ship was abandoned for years before being towed back to Seattle in 1998.  The owners were hoping to resotre it, but never raised enough money for it.  In 2004, it was towed to Tacoma. In 2011, it was declared a hazard as it slowly deteriorated. 

Anderson does not have any set plans for the metal, but he has written to Kia Motors, suggesting the metal be used as a limited edition Sedona minivan.  His only request would be to have one of the vehicles be sent to the LeMay-America’s Car Museum in Tacoma.