Seattle Center Poetry Garden Art

The Seattle Center is hosting a Temporary Art Installation from now until January of 2017.  Four artists were invited to participate in the Seattle Center Poetry Garden Art Series.

The initiative began in 2014 with temporary installations installed during Winterfest.  The program expanded in 2015 with the Sculpture Walk put in.  Now four artists will be featured with poetry readings done by Porchlit to complement each installation.

The artists featured will be Elizabeth Gahan from now until May 2; Naoko Morisawa from May 9 to August 1; Natalie Ball from August 8 to October 31; and Tara Tamaribuchi from November 6 to January 31.  Elizabeth’s work now on display uses synthetic, commercial advertising materials to create abstract pieces inspired by flowers.  Hanging on the Poetry Garden fence, the pop of color connects the natural beauty with the urban feel of the city.

For more information on the artists and their work, visit

夏洛特允跨性者自選公廁 北卡州長反對



美聯社報導,夏洛特市長羅伯茲(Jennifer Roberts)在表決結束後說,「我樂見夏洛特市表達出,我們將以維護尊嚴和尊重的方式對人,即便法案存有歧見」。


北卡州眾議院議長摩爾(Tim Moore)在聲明中說,他將加入北卡州共和黨籍州長麥克羅利(PatMcCrory)和其他保守派同僚的行列,「尋求立法干預以修正這條偏激的路線」。



【本報訊轉 Peter Lin】敬請各位同鄉參加第69年次2.28紀念。這事件是台灣歷史的轉扭點。這事件後繼續發生了長達四十年的戒嚴時期,同稱為白色恐怖,諸多人被逮捕,關監獄,苦刑。人人皆草木皆兵,不敢言不敢參加政治。

三點半開始到五點左右的節目有目擊者的回想,短短錄影片介紹 2.28事件的來龍去脈,獻給羅難者及其家族的音樂,以及年輕人對台灣的展望。事後有包括有魷魚粥的點心。



You are cordially invited to participate in the 2.28 Memorial Service. This is the 69thCommemoration of the pivotal event in Taiwan history. The aftermath of the event was the imposition of the marshal law which lasted 40 years. till 1987. This period is generally called White Terror era. Many Taiwanese were arrested, imprisoned, and tortured.

The 3:30 to 5 pm program includes : Reflection of an Eyewitness, a short video on the event,  musical tribute, and Perspectives from the Young Generation. There will be refreshment , including squid congee, provided after the Service.

Time: 3:30 PM   February 28, 2016

Place : Seattle Taiwan Christian Church, 5019 Keystone Place North, Seattle, WA 98103, 206-632-4020 (O/F)